What we fund

The Schad Foundation provides support to registered charitable organizations focused on biodiversity and habitat conservation whose projects have the potential to make a significant and sustainable impact.  Examples include (but are not limited to) species protection through habitat restoration and protection, land-use planning and promotion of sustainable resource management.


2015 Grants


Earth Rangers, Woodbridge, Ontario – $1,000,000

Earth Rangers is the kid’s conservation organization, dedicated to educating children and their families about biodiversity, inspiring them to adopt sustainable behaviors and empowering them to become directly involved in protecting animals and their habitats.

Earth Rangers delivers their School Outreach Program to more than 800 English and French elementary schools across the country; and with over 100,000 young members and their families, Earth Rangers is the largest membership based conservation organization in Canada.

The Schad Foundation provides support for program development and general operations.


Earth Rangers Centre, Woodbridge, Ontario -$500,000

Support for Earth Rangers Centre capital improvements and general operations.


Atlantic Salmon Federation, St. Andrews, New Brunswick – $5,000

To support Atlantic Salmon Federation’s fish meal free feed study in order to reduce the impact on wild fish harvested each year to feed farmed salmon (3-5kg of wild fish to produce 1kg of farmed salmon).


Bear with Us, Sprucedale, Ontario – $10,000

To support to their work to respond to human/bear encounters, care for injured and orphaned bears and their public outreach program.


Bird Studies Canada, Port Rowan, Ontario $25,000 per year for three years

To support bobolink and grassland bird conservation and recovery in Southern Ontario.


Bruce Trail Conservancy, Hamilton, Ontario$1,000

To support general operations.


Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, North York, Ontario- $30,000

To support student scholarships.


Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network, Toronto, Ontario – $5,000

To support general operations.


Cheetah Conservation Fund of Canada, London, Ontario – $10,000

To support the protection of cheetah in Namibia through their Livestock Guarding Dog Program


CPAWS Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter, St. John’s, Newfoundland – $50,000

To support the completion of Newfoundland and Labrador’s protected areas network.


Ecology Action Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia – $50,000

To increase protected areas in Nova Scotia and to ensure ecological integrity of existing protected areas.


Environmental Defence Canada, Toronto, Ontario – $100,000

To support their work to secure the passing and strong implementation of the Great Lakes Protection Act in Ontario.


Farms at Work/Tides Canada – Peterborough, Ontario – $8,000

To support the design and creation of pollinator habitats on farms in Central Ontario.


Fatal Light Awareness Program – Toronto, Ontario – $2,500

To support their efforts to safeguard migratory birds in Toronto through education, policy development, research, rescue and rehabilitation.


Georgian Bay Forever, Caledon, Ontario – $5,000

To support their program to control the spread of phragmities through community engagement and removal.


 Georgian Bay Osprey Society, East Gwillimbury, Ontario – $500

To support the creation and maintenance of nesting sites for osprey along the eastern shore of Georgian Bay.


Georgia Strait Alliance, Nanaimo, British Columbia – $10,000

To support their work to protect species at risk in and around the Strait of Georgia.


Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre, Peterborough, Ontario – $30,000

To support their Hatchling and Ecopassage programs.


Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation, Newmarket, Ontario – $25,000 a year for two years

To support the restoration of 380m of creek and wetland habitat in the Scanlon Creek Conservation Area.


Lewa Canada, Toronto, Ontario- $25,000

To support Lewa’s Conservation Education Centre in Kenya.


Oceans North/Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario – $100,000

To support their work to secure formal protection for the Arctic’s first network of Marine Protected Areas.


Ontario Nature, Toronto, Ontario – $75,000

To support their work to increase protected areas in Ontario, to strengthen the national FSC standard, and to identify new candidate protected areas.


Pelee Island Bird Observatory, Pelee Island, Ontario- $2,000

To support their breeding bird study and surveys.


Students on Ice, Gatineau, Quebec $22,000

To provide four student scholarships for their annual Arctic Youth Expedition.


TNC Canada, Toronto, Ontario – $125,000

To support the creation of caribou management and protected areas establishment in Manitoba.


Toronto Park People, Toronto, Ontario – $5,000

To support their annual See the Salmon Run event.


University of Guelph / Global Vets, Guelph, Ontario – $5,000

To support student veterinarians work experience in Southeast Asia, South America and Africa.


University of Ottawa’s Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Prosperity, Ottawa, Ontario – $50,000

To support a study to better understand the key challenges facing Species at Risk recovery work across Canada and to explore opportunities for making Canada a world leader in species protection.


University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba – $15,000

To support Dr. Frasers’ work to monitor purple martins in Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario to better understand the migratory routes, stopover sites and overwintering locations for martins that breed in Canada.


Upper Thames Region Conservation Authority, London, Ontario – $5,000

To support their Reptiles at Risk Species Recovery Program.


Wildlands League, Toronto, Ontario – $75,000

To support the advancement of appropriate environmental assessments and monitoring in the Ring of Fire.


Wildlife Conservation Society, Toronto, Ontario- $100,000

To support general operations and to conduct research on best practices on environmental assessments and monitoring in the Ring of Fire.


Wildlife Preservation Canada, Guelph, Ontario – $25,000 per year for three years

To support their bumble bee breeding and reintroduction program.


York University, North York, Ontario – $15,000

To support Dr. Stutchbury’s tracking study linking habitat quality to juvenile survival in savannah sparrows, a declining grassland bird.


Zoocheck Canada, East York, Ontario- $1,000

To support general operations.