What we fund

The Schad Foundation provides support to registered charitable organizations focused on biodiversity and habitat conservation whose projects have the potential to make a significant and sustainable impact.  Examples include (but are not limited to) species protection through habitat restoration and protection, land-use planning and promotion of sustainable resource management.




Youth Environmental Education

Earth Rangers, Woodbridge, Ontario, $1,500,000

Earth Rangers is the kids’ conservation organization, dedicated to educating children and their families about biodiversity, inspiring them to adopt sustainable behaviours, and empowering them to become directly involved in protecting animals and their habitats.

With live programming in 900 elementary schools each year and over 160,000 young members across the country in every province and territory, Earth Rangers is the largest conservation organization in Canada by membership and the only environmental organization of their size focused specifically on children and their families.

Through their programs, Earth Rangers members learn about the threats facing our natural world and how they can lead conservation and awareness efforts at home.

The Schad Foundation provides support for program development and general operations.

Protecting Large Boreal Landscapes

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, $175,000
Increase the protection and sustainable management of Canada’s boreal forest in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Newfoundland.

TNC Canada, Toronto, Ontario, $100,000
Create caribou management plans and protected areas in Manitoba’s boreal forest.

Pembina Institute, Edmonton, Alberta, $50,000
Contribute to the development of caribou range and land use plans and to increase protected areas in Alberta.

Ecology Action Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia, $50,000
Increase protected areas in Nova Scotia while also ensuring ecological integrity of existing protected areas.

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario – $10,000
Report highlighting the CBFA and its achievements.

Tomorrow Foundation for a Sustainable Future, Edmonton, Alberta, $7,500
Alberta ENGO Coalition.


Establishing Marine Protected Areas

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society National Oceans Program – Ottawa, Ontario, $75,000
The creation of new marine protected areas.

Oceana Canada, Toronto, Ontario, $50,000
Addressing high priorities threats to Canada’s oceans.

Ecology Action Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia, $50,000
Increase the level of protection for corals and sponges in the Atlantic and Eastern Arctic.


Endangered Species Recovery

Wildlife Conservation Society, Toronto, Ontario, $75,000
General operations

Environmental Defence Canada, Toronto, Ontario, $75,000
Strong implementation of the Great Lakes Protection Act and the creation of a plastic bottle deposit return program in Ontario.

University of Ottawa, Sustainable Prosperity, Ottawa, Ontario, $50,000
Study to better understand the key challenges facing Species at Risk recovery work across Canada and to explore opportunities for making Canada a world leader in species protection.

Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), Toronto, Ontario, $50,000
To support NCC’s participation in the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.

Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre, Peterborough, Ontario, $50,000
General operations

Bird Studies Canada, Port Rowan, Ontario, $25,000 per year for three years
Bobolink and grassland bird conservation and recovery in Southern Ontario.

Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance, $25,000
Creating a new source of public funding for water and habitat conservation projects through a dedicated household levy.

Wildlife Preservation Canada, Guelph, Ontario, $25,000
Yellow banded bumble bee captive breeding program.

Cornerstone Standards Council, Woodbridge, Ontario, $25,000
General operations

Ducks Unlimited Canada, Barrie, Ontario, $15,000
Analysis of green versus grey infrastructure with the goal to increase riparian and wetland restoration.

Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation and Education Centre, Illes de Chaines, Manitoba, $10,000
Creating tall grass prairie and wetland pond demonstration sites.

Bear with Us, Sprucedale, Ontario, $10,000
General operations

The Couchiching Conservancy, Orillia, Ontario, $10,000
Installation of a MOTUS tracking tower to help monitor migratory birds at risk.

SkeenaWild, Terrace, British Columbia, $10,000
Protection of critical salmon populations and habitat in the Flora Bank.

Northern Lights Wildlife Society, Smithers, British Columbia, $7,500
General operations

Cetus Research and Conservation Society, Victoria, British Columbia, $5,000
General operations

Cheetah Conservation Fund of Canada, London, Ontario, $5,000
Protection of cheetah in Namibia through their Livestock Guarding Dog Program.

Park People, Toronto, Ontario, $5,000
Salmon Festival 2016

Atlantic Salmon Federation, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, $5,000
Research focused on tracking salmon from the east coast to their feeding grounds in the North Atlantic with the goal to identify areas of significant species loss.

Pacific Parklands Foundation, Victoria, British Columbia, $5,000
Annual EcoBlitz habitat restoration event.

Upper Thames River Conservation Authority – London, Ontario, $5,000
Reptiles at risk recovery program.

Nature Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, $3,000
Cats and Birds program.

Fatal Light Awareness Program – Toronto, Ontario, $2,500
General operations